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#139807 - As for me I was a 5 feet 8 brunette with blue eyes double d breasts and long flexible legs that I had from practicing years of gym and yoga. “Ok so now your turn”, “actually I also have an unusual fantasy to share tonight and it’s about the man on the bar who has been coming here every Friday for the past month” as I was talking I saw disappointment mixed with curiosity in her eyes, I couldn’t just tell her my fantasy right now I had to ease her slowly and as I whispered to her the tall handsome man with dark hair and eyes came closer but we didn’t notice as we had closed the curtain for more privacy. My name is Elena, I am 20 years old, my best friend Stacey and I have a ritual every Friday after our late classes we meet at the bar next to our college.

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Buck hazeltine
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Maid chou
I would love to eat her pussy and asshole all night long
Alicia rue
So hot