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#300655 - R V I was on a bicycle trip last summer I was just resting walking my bike for a while Along Winding stretch of hilly roads when all of a sudden an RV pulled up ahead of me and a small cherub woman got out she was no more than 5 feet tall and a little plump but she still had a nice figure she walked back towards me in a short little flower print dress and short heels asking me where I came from and where I was going and if I were you I needed a lift I said I was fine it was just resting for a stretch to get back on the road she told me her name is Elsie and that they were traveling cross-country and love to meet new people She insisted on giving me a lift we put the bike on the bike rack of the RV as she ushered me inside she groped me on the way in and the shock must've registered on my face because Her husband Murray who is driving told me to don't mind her She likes to get some extra on the road because I can't get it up as much as i used to that little cherub th

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