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#10192 - As it was the first night we were not overly tired, we got out a deck of cards and all played some big group games before we each went into our own compartments, the three of us sat and chatted for a short while before trying to get to sleep, the other three were already asleep but we jus couldn’t and the deck of cards came out again, we played a few quick fire rounds of blackjack before Ben tried to teach me and Sarah the rules of poker. We were all naked for a second time and the clothes turned to dares, when playing for this Sarah lost the first game and Ben won, I wont give you two guesses at the dare, she lost the coverage of her sleeping bag over her torso. Sarah won the next round and made Ben show his naked body.

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Medina la lugensius electra
Love the ps4 music in the background
Haruya nagumo
Sei stupenda fatti conoscere da me e prendiamo il volo
Chiyo mihama
Well my grandma neverlooked that hot and i dont think id really want to eat my grandmother but this one heck yes