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#371752 - That Saturday Heather’s Mum Drops her at the Mall so she can walk around for a few hours and she catches up with a few friends during the day, she is wearing a yellow summer dress and matching yellow bra and panties, as she was walking around John saw her and decided to follow her and he watched her ass sway as she walked in front of him he liked her ass and her tits looked very hot under her dress so he followed her for about 15 minutes before she decided to stop and get a drink, heather got her drink and sat at a table just in front of john with her back to him, John was watching her he loved her long brown hair that hung just past her shoulders it was tied in a ponytail with a yellow ribbon to match her dress, John decided to talk to her so he walked over to get a drink and walked towards her she looked up at him and smiled and John smiled back and asked to sit down with her heather accepted and he sat down in front of her and they stared chatting John asked her what she was doing a

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