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#189265 - Gina was always curious about the guys from the poorer side of town they seemed to have so much fun always drinking and hanging out in large groups partying at the skate parks and sports parks She decided to sneak out one night and see if she coud fit in she wasnt wearing what most of the girls that those guys where used to she was still a virgin and rather shy so she decided to cover up a little so that the men didnt get the wrong idea from her. Gina is a 16 yr old girl from the rich side of town she isnt one of those anorexic girls who think a size six is normal she is a size 12 with a nice round ass and tits on the large side of the scale for her age. The guys all stared at her and the girls didnt like the look of her because they werent getting the attention from the guys like always.

Read Soft Ojou-sama o Saiminjutsu de Erodere ni? Gay Studs Ojou-sama o Saiminjutsu de Erodere ni?

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