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#320306 - “Is that the best way you can thank me for such a huge job” “How else can I thank you dear brother?” she said, with a little glint in her eyes “I’ve always wanted to touch them, please, just one touch” I said, seriously. Jenny’s friend had taken photographs of all her injuries and kept the medical reports; this prevented the guy from bringing charges against us after we worked him over. The first day I came home from work and after she had opened the door to let me in I planted a quick kiss on her cheek and said “This is just to let you know how happy I am that you’re back home and how much I enjoy having you around all the time“ The second day after dinner while she was alone in the kitchen I kissed her and said “this is for the delicious meal I just ate, I enjoy your cooking” The third day “because you look so pretty in this yellow dress” The fourth day, a little peck on the neck “just because you’re you, the best big sister ever” The fifth day “because thinking of your love

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