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#98798 - i could tell she was so ready for me but i grabbed her hand come with me i said she said ok we walked down stairs and back into my room i told her to lay next to Kelly who was already asleep so she did kelly was a heavy sleeper so i drug my bed over it was easier because it was on wheels to my sisters and tied them together i woke up kelly by putting my finger in her tight little ass hole she jumped and was scared that Sara was laying next to her you know i heard you guys last night Sara said you did kelly said in astonishment you moan loud enough for me to hear Sara replied well i guess you didn't hear this morning i said Kelly blushed in embarrassment you stud you Sara said so i was laying behind Sara and Kelly was on the other side of Sara i started to rub Sara's pussy and while i was doing that kelly and sara were kissing passionately and it made me super hard almost instantly i could tell Sara was wet and i stopped rubbing her

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