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#263913 - It had been a very long day at the Bank in which I work, I'm always horny as hell after a tiring working day like the one I've just had. I unlocked my front door and invited Aftab through to the living room. I began sucking, hard, relishing the salty precum, I sucked it as far down my throat as I could and got faster and faster, I could hear Aftab moan with pleasure the faster I went, up and down, faster still, Oh yes it feels amazing!! Oh god faster YES!, Aftab continued Yes, oh yes I love you!! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oooh! Louise I'm going to cum now Louise!!!! Still on my knees I removed Aftab's cock from my mouth and turned around as quick as I could, faced down on the floor my large ass was pointing towards Aftab as he'd requested, I gave my ass a teasing wiggle in time to the music, Aftab quickly stood over me and then came his climax, OH YEEEEEES!!! the young boy cried out and I felt wave after wave of his teenage cum cover my bare naked backside, Afta

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