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#310592 - At first I didn’t respond and with out letting go of my arm he said, “Oh, come on” Being 12 and smaller than they, who were about 15 or 16 felt a bit intimidated and when he started to walk still grabbing my arm I just walked with him without resisting. He started to pump me again and again and after a while with one solid push he went deeper than before hold me tight and he came. And then I felt his cock between my buns, he had applied saliva and he started to work it inside me, it hurt and I moved, he applied more saliva and continued trying to get in me, and after a minute or so he was, he started to fuck me slowly and at one point a turned my head and saw the other boy watching.

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Quistis trepe
Definitely would like to shoot with you
Gendo ikari
Omg you make me horny as fuck babe