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#36577 - With someone knocking at the door my relatively quiet evening was interrupted. Put something up my ass! Amanda demanded, Jade pulled her tongue away from Amanda's ass and began to finger her sister's asshole, Look how naughty we're making her she said as she looked up at me, You ready to fuck her, Baby? Jade asked, Fuck her tight ass? Jade pulled her fingers from her sister's ass and grabbed my dick, Jade pushing the head of my dick into her sister's asshole, she slid her other hand underneath Amanda and between her legs, as I began to push my dick further into Amanda's asshole, Jade begins to masturbate her sister, rubbing her pussy as I fuck her. Once it was all licked up, both on their knees on the bed, they opened their mouths, showing how much cum they had in their mouths as they leaned in to each other and kissed over top of me, swapping cum back and forth as they kissed.

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