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#66895 - Ben turned around as if to go back to sleep Scott took that as his cue to leave his brother to his thoughts and headed back to his own room to get rid of the raging load built up deep inside his balls, and when he came some minutes latter it was one of the most explosive ejaculations he had ever experienced. For the past two years he had been wanking and lusting over Ben, nothing or no one in the world meant as much to Scott as Ben did, and if his brother had even the slightest interest in him in a sexual way then Scott wanted to know, he needed to know, and tonight was the night he would find out before it drove him crazy. His whole body was shaking he was so nervous that he needed to pee, he made his way to the bathroom at the end of the hall as quietly as he could and forced a piss from his solid hard teen cock, it came out in bursts and squirts, but he got the relief he needed.

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