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#226258 - I know move one of hands into your jeans gently caressing your ass as I work my way down and then between your legs until I find your moist, quivering pussy and I run my finger between your lips. You stop when you feel my dick press against your ass, but before you can realign it to slide into you, I lift you up and lie back on your bed, with my hands beneath you still, you wrap your arms round my neck and pull me down for a kiss, I pull back and stare you in the eyes before lowering my head to your ear, and I whisper, Are you ready? Take your time, your in control, I reach down for my dick to find that as I attempt to guide myself into your pussy you grab it as well. I decide we need to move to your bed and lift you with my hand under your pussy, with my other at the small of your back to support you, I walk over to your bed and gently place you on it, removing my hand from your jeans.

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