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#257918 - I got a beer out of the fridge sat at the table and thought to myself, what to do, finished it and while I was walking up the hall I took my tee shirt and wiped my face off right in front of their door as I walked by exposing my butt to them, why did I do that right there I don’t know but when I got to my bed I heard them talking about me. I came down the hall and I didn’t notice it before but they were both in their underwear and Gerard’s had a big wet spot in the front I hoped that I didn’t stare to long but when I looked again I knew he caught me he had started growing larger so I went to the kitchen to make coffee. They were getting faster then I felt some fluid ease out of me onto my hand I heard another grunt and felt it hit my leg and butt that’s all I could take I shivered and started to roll over and the ninjas were gone when I opened my eyes.

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