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#241935 - Once he was hard i led him by his cock over to the bed and lay him down on it, as he lay down i moved over him and moved myself into position over his cock and slowly sat down on it slipping 6 inches in i slowly humped him up and down as i was going down he slipped another 4 inches into me and finally the last 2 inches now he had all 12 inches deep inside me damn i loved how deep he was inside me so i continued to fuck him a bit faster and harder i lent down to kiss him and he kissed me back i sat up a bit and he sucked my nipples one then the other i continued to fuck him for the next hour and then he finally came and filled me with his hot cum, i fell off of him and lay next to him and he said “Damn Jessica that was the best fuck yet i hope to be able to enjoy you again soon” i smiled and said “Sure” he got up and went to clean himself off and got dressed Just before he climbed out of the window he asked if i had tried anal sex yet and if i would be interested in a threesome with him

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Coco is so cute and sexy