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#318866 - Suddenly Deb felt a hot liquid hi the back of her throat as Freddie grabbed the back of her head and pushed all four and a half inches of his cock as deep into her mouth as possible. We enjoy other stories on this site and she has prompted me to post this story in hopes that others with similar fantasies will also enjoy it. Deb thought she heard voices and looked around, she did not see anyone and the sound was gone so she went to the shoreline and got out to get another margarita.

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Koharu shimoe
Omg you really know how to enjoy sex slowing down before exploding to tease the cock and build up more pressure nice job your cock throbbing a bit when you slowed down and then speeding up to have a nice natural release of your load congrats nice enjoy
I love this vid well done hunni xx
Jedah dohma
Mmm what playful fingers this brunette has