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#893 - “hmm stop that” she said unconvincingly, “why” I asked, “I didn’t only come in here to pee” she said, I started rubbing her ass again and I knew she was going to shit, “hmm” she moaned as I felt her give in to the inevitable stimulus, what felt like a long, soft, solid crap passed by my fingers, I continued to massage her ass and another pushed my fingers away as it came out with surprising speed, then she peed again and I rinsed my fingers off in her stream before I took them out and tasted the piss on them, it was stronger than last time but still so sexy. I was starting to harden again to it took some concentrating and a little effort to start pissing again, then it started and M moaned loudly as I started to fill her ass with piss. I started rubbing her ass then slid a finger in, M nearly screamed and I apologised but she only said “no, it’s good, finger fuck my ass fast”.

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Hotaru futaba
Maria jade
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