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#30838 - Now ready to cum her self, Anna took the big dildo she had been wearing and shoved it into her hole, slamming it in and out as she rushed towards relief while her fems kept up their sucking on her nipples, while doing their best to satisfy their bull dyke mistress! Eight hard inches of rubber buried to the hilt finally sent Anna over the edge and she convulsed as her orgasm reached it's zenith! After she came, Anna left the big cock sticking out of her wet cunt, obscenely splitting her hairy mound apart! Stroking the fems' faces, she commented, You're both my fuck toys, and don't ever forget it, while Gwen and Krista just snuggled closer and continued to nurse! THE END. Gwen anxiously climbed the stairs to the apartment she shared with her room mate, Anna, who had promised her a big surprise when she got home from work. Pushing her hips upward trying to make Krista eat her harder, Anna laughed and said, The horny little bitch never could get enough! Anna&#

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