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#117720 - i opened the door and he quickly entered, there I was standing in a mens toilet wearing just my bra and panties, that were dripping wet, the young man asked me if I did this a lot and I said only since yesterday …he asked do you like it, yes I said, he, pulled his cell phone out and made a call to his job and said he was having car trouble he needed the afternoon off, …… after he hung up he reached out and undid my bra and started to suck my nipples, he then kissed me and said lets have some fun We spent the afternoon both of us naked in a mens room stall sucking cocks and eating cum he fucked me 2 times and offered my ass to strangers in the next stall, all in all I was fucked 4 times in my pussy and 3 times up my ass, as we dressed he handed me my panties that were covered in cum and piss, I put them right on he kissed me and said see you tomorrow at noon , he left the stall, leaving the door open I was standing there wearing just my panties as a few men looked in, I closed the door

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