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#388395 - I’ve got plenty of time to think of some way to make my point and get my wife back to reality! I really don’t want to lose her! I was a realist, though! I knew it was a probable ending to this vacation! I think after years of being a dedicated husband to Stacy, she owed me a lot more consideration than what she gave me this week. I wouldn’t have wanted to because I love you so much, but I would have let her go. The producer gave it to Stacy and told her that if she signed it he would make sure she got the best fucking of her vacation or he’d tear it up! She couldn’t sign it fast enough! I told her not to, but she did it anyway! Sorry! Maybe after you two get home, you can talk and straighten out your marriage! I can’t tell you enough how sorry I am! If there’s anything I can do to help you, just ask! I’ll do anything you want me too! Well goodnight, I’m sleeping with Todd and Stacy tonight! Tonight being Stacy’s last night in town!” Then she shut the door and went to the master bedro

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