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#296806 - It was a common occurrence and everyone in our small town knew about it making allowances for “Poor Colin” who was saddled with the job of trying to control him and trying to ignore Chris when he did it in the shops or on the street. Bernadette wrapped her legs around me and started to fuck about an inch or so of cock in and out of her arse then as she came she pushed all the way down with a deep guttural AAAARGGHHH and yelled “Fuck my arse … all the way” so I pummelled deep into her until my balls were squashed hard against her bum cheeks and came so hard I thought I could taste myself in her mouth as I kissed her. Anyway, last night I had gone around to Bernadette’s after school, we had got into some pretty heavy pashing and she had let me get my hand into her knickers to get a couple of fingers up inside her much to my delight.

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