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#327218 - He takes off his clothes with his mind running a million miles and hour, he doesnt know which way to rape and hurt her first, should he ease into it letting her think everything is gonna somehow be ok until the last possible second or should he beat the fuck out of her right away so she knows hes for real? Aware of the drawer full of drugs and rape tools that I will be using on her. I want you to start crying for the camera you stupid piece of shit he says spitting on her again and again, pinching her legs and grabbing her tits twisting them hard as he starts ramming his cock into her he starts hurting her over and over pinching the inside of her thighs, soon she is struggling and bucking against him crying harder and harder, he starts to giggle and laugh realizing how scared she is and how helpless she is. with a sideways smile she looks him up and down happy to see a clean looking white guy about six feet tall about 160pounds muscular with tattoos blond hair and blue eyes, he

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Ryouta suzui
She s got cuts on her arm
Who is that
Sana inui
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