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#193824 - Her eyes had by now glazed over and no sound was able to escape her lips as the young buck fucked her ass with cruel intentions! But as is wont to happen, sometimes even the best laid plans go awry! Even thought he was indeed trying to teach her a lesson, little did he realize that the tension building in Fran’s ass and pussy was quickly roiling to boiling! He grabbed her slim hips for more leverage, but was shocked and amazed as all at once she let out a long low moan and asked thickly, “Is that all you got, stud boy!?!” “And to think I thought you could fuck like a man!” Just hearing the unrepentant bitch taunting him sent him into and absolute frenzy as he literally threw his hips into each and every stroke. Once on the bed, she gingerly reached out a let her fingers graze the tip of his oversized head, inducing a long low moan from the young stud’s throat. “It isn’t even in her and she’s practically cumming like a whore!” Peter intoned evenly.

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