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#21488 - I could not help myself but i wanted to lick the end of his cock i was like a moth to a naked flame so i moved even closer until his cock was inches from my face i stuck out my tongue to remove a drop of his love juice mmmmm it did taste nice so i moved just a little closer so i would not have to stick my tongue out so far. As i step into the living room she quickly looks up with a slight blush to her cheeks he has i nice cock dose´nt he i say as i walk past she looks at me with a smile i did not realize that dogs had such a big cock but why dose he keep licking it, well he cant use a 9 face flannel to wash it so unless i wash it for him he has to wash it him self. I dont know why but i find my self thinking about Toby big cock why is it the two males in my life both have big cocks yet Steve had a small one life is not fare.

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