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#295773 - mom and dad walk into the dining room ready for work mom dad  yeah  julies over she's in my room her dad hit her and I went and got her early this morning WHAT is she ok yea a bit shaken up but I got her to calm down she's sleeping I got a real serious question I have to ask both of you  what is it Jimgo ahead son can she live here with me I mean us(a second long pause) it's ok with me of course she can I want her living here then with an abusive father   thanks mom dad I love you guys so much this means so much to me and her   love you to Jim love ya son can you cut the grass today  sure dad mom I'm letting you know were not going to school for a couple of days ok ok Right then my brother kc and sister zoey walk into the room he's 10 she's 7  hey guys I wanna let you know Julie will be living with us from now on ok  why? it's a long story I might be able tell it to you if it's

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