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#192877 - When they fin?ally pulled apart, Erin spoke for the first time without being spoken to and whispered into Virna's ear, I am so wet I think I could cum just by thinking about it!!! Virna let her hand slip down between them, touching the young girl intimately, and then dropping to her knees to give Erin's vagina a nice French kiss! Erin's lips bulged full and proudly while Virna let her tongue probe up and down the sopping slit of the hot little teenager! When her tongue would make contact with Erin's clit, her body would spasm slightly, as if begging for more. It seemed that Lindsey couldn't get enough of the pretty lips that always seemed to bulge out invitingly to her! One afternoon, while lolling in the tub, Lindsey made an announcement, Erin, darling, tonight we're having a friend over, she's a very special friend, and I'll expect you to do anything she asks. Lindsey pretty much kept her naked all the time they were home together, so that

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