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#27410 - it was my night with Gretchen again, felt so good her cuddling into me, too tired to play before sleep took over. Now he was face fucking me, his cock starting to pulse, then with one loud grunt, he filled my mouth with his cum, I ate it all then licked him dry, Lyn turned to help me suck him clean, and also to keep him hard, she said if you think my ass is nice you should try his, its tighter than mine, he looked shocked but my mouth on his hard cock showed us he was thinking about it. It was late when the guys left, by now we all were tired, but once more we slept with different partners, I got Sue again tonight, but this time other than a few kiss's we fell asleep fairly quickly, with my cock buried in her ass.

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Muchas gracias
Ikumi mito
Yeah it is awesome now i am super wet after watching this