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#102228 - I looked down to see her face deep in my pubes, she had one hand playing with an exposed breast while her other hand was in her jeans furiously fingering her pussy, she was moaning on my cock causing it to vibrate; this was all too much for me and after a few minutes I grabbed the back of her head burying my fingers in her hair and moaned she withdrew from my cock until only the head was in her mouth and started to suck hard on it while wanking me fast (her hand still wet from her pussy). I pushed her to the floor and pulled her jeans down, quickly followed by her underwear; I dove straight in and began to lick her clit, I sucked it into my mouth while rubbing it with my tongue, Jane began to moan softly when I slid my finger knuckle deep into her soaking pussy she let out a very loud moan that I’m surprised didn’t wake our friends (not that I cared at this point). Her pace on my cock quickened and I undid her trousers sliding my hand inside and found her clit.

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Soga no tojiko
Damn ishvalans
Yuuno scrya
She so damn bad