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#263183 - I backed Stevie against what was left of a wall then got down in a crouching position, scared to kneel on my knees for fear of cutting them on broken glass. I pulled down the front of his football shorts taking his boxers down at the same time, it was there 5 -6 inches of solid smooth uncut cock tapered from a thinner tip to a thicker base resting against wiry dark pubes, the pre cum around his purple cock head made it glisten, I took it in my hand pulled the foreskin back and forth a few times then moved my lips over the head of his cock, feeling for the first time the softness of his fore skin followed by the salty sweet taste of his pre cum before finally pushing down to the firmness of his blood filled cock, This was everything I had dreamed of every night before going to sleep, God alone knows how many pints of boy spunk I had wiped up with last nights socks while dreaming I was doing this, and now that I was it was everything and more that I had dreamed it would be, there wa

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Sounds hot thanks babe x
Ukai keishin
From one homie to another caroline sweets dont tell anyone else