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#129858 - Karen tapped Steffi on the shoulder and told her that Miss Peters wanted to see her in her office right away. Her breasts, while huge, had very little sag to them, and Miss Peters' warm hand continued around her waist until they were gently cupping her boobs! Steffi froze in near panic, what should she do, scream??? Run away??? Slap her face??? In the end she did none of the above, she simply stood there and let Miss Peters cup and fondle her bulging chest while she whispered into Steffi's ear, You have a most remarkable chest, young lady, so firm and full, we wouldn't want excess bouncing and jiggling to harm it, would we!?! No, ma'am, an extremely turned on Steffi croaked as Miss Peters removed her hands from her breasts and took her by the shoulders and turned her around so they were facing each other. Rubbing her shin as if in deep thought, Miss Peters questioned, Does your mother have a large chest too, it sometimes runs in the family?!? Oh yes, Steff

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