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#380612 - Her breasts seemed ever heavier and only further hindered her, tears streamed from her eyes as she slowly slid down, soon finding herself, literally, hanging by her fingertips ‘Please’ she begged ‘please save me’ one of her hands slipped away and she cried out in terror, looking up at her one spare hand ‘see you in hell’ John remarked, Akiba let out one last ear shattering scream as her fingertips slid round the side of the grinder tray and she fell into its cruel jaws. As well as modifications to the warehouse itself. ‘Please let me live, I give good head, I’ll do anything, but for the love of god just please let me live’ she begged ‘Let me think about that one’ John said ‘aaah…no!’ John pressed a button and the walls of the grinder began to rise, John had discovered this little trick by accident, to cut wood that had gotten stuck on the sides, it was possible to make the walls completely vertical.

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