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#276305 - He nodded to Jerry and I was pulled off Samuel and he got up. Samuel who had fantastic stamina was jerking in front of my face and in the right place to lick his tip, whilst Jerry lined his cock up with my virgin but slightly stretched and cum lubricated hole Samuel watching this spurted into my mouth on my face in my hair, it had to be a bucket load, my face dripped spunk as Jerry teased his cock back and forth opening me up each rock forward slightly further in, each time a little but not unpleasant pain, until he suddenly thrust hard and deep, and despite the anaesthetic effect if being high I screamed loudly, both of them just laughed! All my virginity gone, Jerry stayed deep in my ass, allowing my sphincter to accommodate him and relax around him before gently rocking in and out slowly, dripping more lube on his cock, easing the pain and stress. Jerry was not finished, as I took Samuel balls deep to my lips, Jerry was rubbing his juices into my asshole, first one finger, t

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Akane satomura
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Shirou ashiya
Love a proper hot milf the scouse accent just makes it sluttier
Tamaki kotatsu
Always wanted to smash a girl with a body like that