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#66680 - It took a moment for it to sink in until Katie finally asked incredulously, “You mean Glenda and the black kid!?!” “You gotta be kidding me!” Gina nodded her head vigorously and replied in a hushed tone, “Last night I stayed late to finish up some work back in the storage room when I stumbled on those two in the middle of how shall I say it, making passionate love!” “You mean she and the stock boy were doing the nasty?!?” Katie asked with wide eyes. Gina’s eyes grew big as saucers while Katie stood there with her panties down and her big boobs hanging freely in the cool warehouse air! “I’ll give you a choice,” Katie growled under hear breath, “you either suck my tits or my cunt!” Gina was in stunned to the point of not being able to even move, so without even a moment’s hesitation Katie made the decision for her by stepping forward and shoving her gaping vagina into her shocked friend’s mouth! Even though it was her first attempt at cunt lapping, Gina instinctively knew enough to grav

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