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#49377 - Allison shakingly opened her mouth awaiting my cock to enter her warm wet mouth I guided my cock into her mouth brushing past her beautifully luscious blowjob lips entering her mouth as she closed her mouth around my cock new feelings began to overcome me as I felt the walls of Allison’s mouth sucking my cock I thought to myself “dream come true” she was really good at sucking dick I could feel my cock getting close to blow I increased the speed of the balloon inside Allison’s ass I could hear muffled groans as I heard her ass tear I could see drops of blood drip onto the floor from her ass hole she increased the pace of her sucking power till my cock finally gave way and blew a big load in her mouth I immediately withdrew my cock watching her gag on my cum and spilling it out of her mouth all over the floor I really was expecting a cheap slut like her to swallow it I was angered by the mess she made and I made sure she knew it as I gripped her shoulder firmly coming face to face with

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